DE Professor Moshe Eizenman BASc, MASc, PHD in Electrical Engineering

Graduate Students:

Name Degree Thesis Dept
Jonathan Chung Ph.D. Analysis of Visual Scanning Patterns ECE
Braiden Brousseau Ph.D. Mobile eye trackers ECE
Foad Taghdiri M.Sc. Visual scanning in patients with MTBI IMS
Yan Li M.A.Sc. Glaucoma Machine Learning ECE
Sean Liu M.A.Sc. Visual Scanning ECE

Undergraduate Students:

Name Degree Dept
Bill Shi B.A.Sc Division of Engineering Science

Past Graduate Students:

Name Degree Thesis Dept
Ruoxuan Guo M.Eng Analysis of Visual Scanning Patterns ECE
Sarah Chau Ph.D. Visual scanning and Alzheimer Disease PCL
Teresa Lo Yen Fee M.Eng Mobile Perimetry ECE
Ilona Wong M.A.Sc. Mobile Perimetry ECE
Amith Hathibelagal M.A.Sc. A new technique for measuring infant visual acuity using gaze tracker OPT (Waterloo)
Kai-Ho Fok M.A.Sc. Visual scanning ECE/IBBME
Dmitri Model Ph.D A Calibration Free Estimation of the Point of Gaze ECE/IBBME
Astrid Yi M.A.Sc Gaze Strategies and Audiovisual Enhancement ECE/IBBME
Elias Guestrin Ph.D. Remote-non-contact gaze estimation ECE/IBBME
Daniel Cassel M.A.Sc. Visual acuity and scanning ECE/IBBME
Chi Ling Lam M.A.Sc. A new approach for eye-detection ECE
Jeff Jie Kang M.A.Sc. Gaze contingent reading aid for children with dyslexia ECE/IBBME
Ruth Sapir-Pichadze M.Sc. Vergence eye movements and visual motion processing IMS
Robert Andrew Rae M.A.Sc. Detection of eyelid position in eye-tracking system ECE/IBBME
Bryon E.L. Braymore M.A.Sc. Non-sequential reading in people with age related macular degeneration ECE/IBBME
Brian Lui M.A.Sc. Head free eye tracking system ECE/IBBME
Carmen Poon M.A.Sc. Eye movements and fatigue monitoring ECE/IBBME
Lawrence H. Yu M.A.Sc. Point-of-gaze reconstruction in head-mounted eye-tracking systems ECE/IBBME
Horace R. Lee M.A.Sc. Vergence eye-movements in Infantile esotropia ECE/IBBME
Murugathas Yuwaraj Ph.D. A processor for automated DNA sequencing ECE/IBBME
Adrian Chan M.A.Sc. Head-up displays and eye-movement perimetry ECE/IBBME
Stephen W. Davies Ph.D. Communication theory and automatic DNA sequencing ECE/IBBME
Somashree Chatterjee M.H.Sc. Fusion and vergence in esotropia ECE/IBBME
Norman Young M.A.Sc. Analysis of eye-movements in unconstrained environment ECE/IBBME
Edward Kim M.A.Sc. Eye Movement Perimetry ECE/IBBME
Robert S. Allison M.A.Sc. Combined head and eye tracking system ECE/IBBME
David Wei-Jer Chung M.A.Sc. A real-time video-based ocular torsion measurement system ECE/IBBME
Andrew Kirulata M.A.Sc. Head Tracking using Kalman filters ECE
Corina Yee-Mei Chang M.A.Sc. Analysis of infant visual evoked potentials ECE/IBBME
Benoit Champagne Ph.D. Optimal structures for time varying time-delay estimation ECE
Michael Fortinsky M.A.Sc. Eye-movements and automated threshold perimetry ECE/IBBME
Ping Cheng M.A.Sc. Control of human eye movements during eccentric fixation ECE/IBBME